Suicide Bunny – perhaps the most famous premium fluid

Suicide Bunny – perhaps the most famous premium fluid

Suicide Bunny – perhaps the most famous premium fluid

Greetings, dear readers! 

Today I want to share with you the thrill of testing one of the most famous premium segment liquid vaping products in the world, which almost every vaper, the famous Suicide Bunny , knows . How much has been said about them, both good and not so good. There were scandals with diacetyl and a bunch of laudatory reviews describing the tastes of these liquids … In general, there is a lot of noise connected with them. But are they really cool? It is to this question that I will try to give an answer in this review.

The Suicide Bunny lineup includes five different fluids.
  • The O.B. (Original Bunny)
  • Mothers Milk
  • Sucker Punch
  • Godmother
  • Derailed

The producer represented by Chris (an employee of the Suicide Bunny Team) kindly provided us with a review of all five of these liquids, so that we can tell you about their advantages and disadvantages.

We begin with a description of the setup on which fluids were tested. For this purpose, we chose the Kennedy Competition Edition RDA with winding Dual Clapton-coil (Cantal A1 0.51 + Nichrome X20H80 0.16), 6 turns per mandrel 2.5 mm.

Suicide Bunny - perhaps the most famous premium fluid

The winding resistance turned out to be 0.35Ω (according to SMOK X-Cube II).

As a device, SMOK X-Cube II was chosen, the installed power of 100-120W (depending on the slurry). Kendo Vape Cotton was

used as a wick . That’s about with such a setup, we started our test.

Suicide Bunny - perhaps the most famous premium fluid

All of the following are my personal feelings, they may not coincide with yours, and this is normal. At the same time, I try to be as objective as possible in my assessment. 

The first was perhaps one of the most famous in our area and one of the most popular liquids from Suicide Bunny

Mothers Milk

Here is how the manufacturer describes this fluid:

Intense creamy taste on inspiration, light strawberry aroma on exhalation.
The taste corresponds to the description 100%, but the description does not even closely express all the taste notes that are felt when this liquid soars.

Firstly, the creamy taste here is so real that you get the feeling that you are not steaming the liquid, but rather eating these very creams.

Personally, the liquid reminded me very much of the taste of strawberry ice cream. This is perhaps the closest comparison that I can pick up. The liquid is not at all annoying, on the contrary, if you are a sweet tooth, you will want to steam it again and again.

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